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About Us

Discover S&N Nutrition:
Your Friendly, Neighborhood Fitness Haven!

Welcome home, fitness lovers! Right here in the heart of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, S&N Nutrition is a little neighborhood gem where you’ll find big-city resources for all your fitness and wellness needs.

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Our fearless leader, Nolan Williams, is not only a powerhouse weightlifter but also the proud owner of the town favorite Slippery Rock Barbell Gym. Nolan’s passion stretches way beyond just building muscles; he’s all about promoting a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

Step into S&N Nutrition, and you’re not just entering a gym or an online supplement store; you’re joining an inspiring, supportive community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts, all committed to being the best version they can be.

Weightlifting, Wellness and Everything in Between

We’ve got the charm of an old-school gym, fitted out with top-notch, commercial-grade equipment. And bonus, we’re also your friendly neighborhood supplement store, just a click away, offering a stellar range of the best quality health products and supplements.

Whether you’re aiming for strength gains, lean muscle development, enhanced recovery, or overall wellness, we’ve got the goods. Our incredible range of tried, tested, and trusted products cater to a diverse community of fitness enthusiasts nationwide.

At S&N Nutrition, we’re not just about fitness; we’re about friendship, encouragement, and personal growth. So, come on over! We’d love for you to be a part of our family.