454 Kiester Rd Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania 16057

Experience the Authentic Strength Training at Slippery Rock Barbell

Welcome to Slippery Rock Barbell, your sanctuary for true strength training nestled in the heart of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. Attached to S&N Nutrition, our gym gives you 24/7 access to an impressive array of old school, commercial-grade equipment designed for every concrete step of your fitness journey.

Whether you’re perfecting your squat in our Full Squat Rack, increasing your bench press on our Thompson Fat Pad Competition Flat Bench, or working on your biceps at our preacher curl bench, Slippery Rock Barbell is primed to amplify your workout regimen.

Discover Our 24/7 Iron Paradise!

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Access Power 24/7 at Slippery Rock Barbell, Your Home for Old-School Training

What’s more, our gym is designed to cater to everyone – from determined rookies to seasoned bodybuilders. Not just traditional weightlifting, but with our varied equipment like atlas stones, battle ropes, tire flips, and equipment for farmer’s carry and sled push, Slippery Rock Barbell also offers you options to push your functional fitness boundaries.

Equipment at Slippery Rock Barbell:

  • Strive Row Machine
  • Cable Pull Down
  • Cable Seated Row
  • Hack Squat
  • Leg Press
  • Full Squat Rack
  • Half Squat Rack
  • Smith Machine
  • T-Bar Row
  • Deadlift Platform
  • Thompson Fat Pad Competition Flat Bench
  • Leg Extension & Leg Curl
  • Incline Bench Press
  • Free Weight Military Press
  • Hammer Strength ISO-Lateral Chest Press & Pull Down
  • Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Shoulder Press
  • Assisted Dip & Pull Up
  • Cable Crossover Machine with all Attachments for Isolation Exercises
  • Dumbbells from 5 to 125 lbs in both Steel & Rubber
  • Plated
  • Preacher Curl Bench
  • 2 Adjustable Benches
  • Flat Dumbbell Bench
  • Atlas Stones
  • Battle Ropes
  • Tire Flips
  • Farmers Carry
  • Sled Pushes
  • Various other bars & equipment

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Stop by S&N Nutrition during business hours to sign up for your preferred membership tier and unlock 24/7 access to Slippery Rock Barbell’s top-of-the-line commercial-grade equipment. Start your fitness journey today!

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Stretch Your Muscles, Not Your Wallet. Affordable Month To Month Memberships

We’ve kept our memberships simple and affordable. $25 per month, renewed every month for our Tier 1 membership, or build your strength over time with our Tier 2 offer, $75 for every four months, giving you substantial savings.

Fascinated? We thought you might be! Visit us at S&N Nutrition during business hours to sign up and welcome a partnership with unparalleled strength and wellness. Whether it’s day or night, Slippery Rock Barbell is always open, always ready for your next rep, your next set, your next PR.

Unleash your potential with 24/7 access to old-school power – at Slippery Rock Barbell, where every barbell lifted means a step closer to your fitness goals.

Ashley B
Ashley B
June 28, 2023
By far the best place to get supps & lift! Nolan is a guy who cares about his customers & making sure they get what’s best for them! I go in often to get drinks, he goes out of his way to help you out. Great prices for supplements & gym membership. The gym has the best vibe of any gym I’ve been too. Everyone there is insanely supportive.
Isaac Solida
Isaac Solida
June 27, 2023
Super helpful and knowledgeable! Went in for some pre workout with a lot of questions and a few criteria for what I wanted. Matched me up with the absolute best options and was super helpful, kind, and non judgmental the whole way through. Hooked me up with a military discount afterwards too!
Darren Stromock
Darren Stromock
April 29, 2023
I found this place on-line a couple years back after the local shop that I used closed up. Nolan is very knowledgeable about his products and the needs of his customers. The service is top notch by far. Not only do I trust him for my supplement needs, but I also trust S&N Nutrition for the supplemental needs of my son who is a high school athlete.
Cody Ziegler
Cody Ziegler
April 17, 2023
The people who run this place are super nice and always welcoming. Very knowledgeable and keep you updated on when thing will be restocked.
Dylan Loeffler
Dylan Loeffler
December 5, 2022
Great small business. Always a nice trip for a drink and they don't peddle their products like the used car salesmen like they do at GNC. I hope they get BPN supps soon!
Alex Ayres
Alex Ayres
September 20, 2022
Best service bar none. As well as the best protein powder I've ever used. The cinnamon swirl is tasty, easily mixable, and digests so easily compared to anything I've used before.
marcus lantz
marcus lantz
September 19, 2022
I have 1 kidney.. so pre-workouts and supplements in general are nott the best alternative for trying to get gains in the gym… BUT. I walk into S&N and explain not only what I, but my s/o are trying to accomplish w the handicap I have in not being able to handle a lot of extra stuff… and did they knock it out of the park!!! Informative, knowledgeable, personable.. I got the best, safest, option for me and I am loving it every scoop!! (BELOW COST AT RETAIL CHAINS!) Stop in at s&n, ask them every and any question, and they’re going to get you set up to become a better you!
August 25, 2022
First time writing a review since the owner definitely deserves the recognition. Owner is a great guy, super knowledgable, with very fair prices. Stopped to meet him on campus and now I found my new supplement shop. Shop local!