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Alpha Lion Superhuman Clinical Dosed Pre-Workout

Alpha Lion Superhuman Clinical Dosed Pre-Workout


Prepare to encounter the zenith of workout intensity through Alpha Lion Superhuman, the epitome of exceptional high-performance pre-workouts. This meticulously crafted blend introduces a harmonious equilibrium to your training routine, revitalizing stalled progress or motivation. Boasting 4 premium trademarked components and an entirely transparent label, Superhuman is engineered to enhance your workout efficacy while ensuring safety and a lack of side effects.

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Redefine Your Fitness Journey with Alpha Lion Superhuman Clinical Dosed Pre-workout

Get ready to experience the pinnacle of workout intensity with Alpha Lion Superhuman, the gold standard in high-performance pre-workouts. This carefully curated blend brings a perfect balance to your training regimen, turning around workout stagnation or lack of motivation. With 4 premium trademarked ingredients and a 100% transparent label, Superhuman is designed to optimize your workout performance while being safe and side-effect free.


Sustained Energy and Focus with The SXT System

Alpha Lion Superhuman houses the unique SXT Sustained Energy and Focus System. This innovative tri-source caffeine matrix eliminates the sudden energy crashes typical of other pre-workouts, providing a smoother, longer-lasting energy and focus experience. With an immediate energy surge that transitions into prolonged energy, you'll enjoy a smooth workout experience akin to savoring a well-crafted cocktail rather than a cheap vodka shot.


Set A New Bar with Superhuman

Superhuman isn't just another high-stimulant pre-workout; it's an evolution in workout support. With each serving, you get an unmatched blend of energy, focus, and performance, thanks to its research-backed, premium ingredients. You'll not only feel the immediate rush of energy but also benefit from its enduring effects, enhancing your workouts like never before.


Alpha Lion Superhuman Pre-Workout Product Features:

  • Delivers sustained energy and heightened focus
  • Enhances strength, pump, and overall performance
  • 100% transparent label with no proprietary blends
  • Includes 4 premium, trademarked ingredients
  • Safe, side-effect free, and free from banned substances

Technical Details

Alpha Lion Superhuman Pre-Workout Technical Details:

  • Brand: Alpha Lion
  • Flavor: Various
  • Item Form: Powder
  • Primary Ingredient: SXT Sustained Energy and Focus System
  • Other Key Ingredients: Premium Trademarked Ingredients (Specifics not provided)