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Astroflav Drip Powdered Non-Stim Fat Burner

Astroflav Drip Powdered Non-Stim Fat Burner


Meet Astroflav Drip, an uncaffeinated fat burner designed for individuals of all genders aiming to reshape their physique. By harnessing the potential of thermogenic components supported by scientific research, Drip achieves remarkable outcomes without relying on caffeine or similar stimulants.

Change Your Physique with Astroflav Drip Non-Stim Fat Burner

Introducing Astroflav Drip, a non-stimulant fat burner for both men and women looking to transform their bodies. By using thermogenic ingredients backed by scientific studies, Drip delivers outstanding results without the use of caffeine or other stimulants.


Experience Optimal Fat Burning Without Over-Stimulation

Whether you're seeking to accelerate fat loss or 'speed up' your body's metabolism, Drip has you covered. With ingredients like L-carnitine, Paradoxine™ & GBB, this formula helps burn calories faster in both resting and active states. Plus, the decrease in hunger reduces the urge to snack.


Versatile And Stackable for Your Fat-burning Program

Since Drip is stim-free, you can stack it with your favorite stimulated pre-workout or fat burner. Ideal for those not looking to over-stimulate themselves, Astroflav Drip provides an edge in the fight against fat loss. Pair it with Tempo® for the most efficient fat-burning program!


Astroflav Drip Non-Stim Fat Burner Product Features:

  • No Caffeine or Any Stimulants
  • Transparent Formula with Thermogenic Ingredients
  • Accelerates Metabolism, Increasing Calories Burned
  • Helps Reduce Hunger and Urge to Snack
  • Contains Two Types of L-Carnitine, Paradoxine™ & GBB
  • 45 Servings per Container

Technical Details

Astroflav Drip Non-Stim Fat Burner Technical Details:

  • Brand: Astroflav
  • Item Form: Powder
  • Unit Count: 112.5g
  • Servings Per Container: 45
  • Key Ingredients: L-carnitine, Paradoxine™, GBB