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Axe & Sledge Manpower Test Booster

Axe & Sledge Manpower Test Booster


MANPOWER is a natural testosterone booster loaded with ingredients that have been proven to increase natural testosterone levels and aid in body recomposition. To all the 30+ guys out there, let’s face it, we’re gettin’ older! MANPOWER will help turn back the clock a bit!


Amplify Your Hormone Health with Axe & Sledge Manpower Test Booster

Low energy, poor mood, decreased motivation, fat loss struggle, or difficulty in building muscles are tell-tale signs of poor hormone health. Axe & Sledge Manpower is a natural testosterone booster, strategically designed to optimize hormone levels.


Unparalleled Transparency and Efficiency

Unlike other testosterone boosters, Manpower features a fully transparent label. It leverages patented ingredients like Primavie® and Bioperine® to fuel your body's natural testosterone production.


Multiple Health Benefits

Manpower intake can result in enhanced lean muscle mass, augmented power and strength, improved endurance and stamina, along with elevated mood and libido.


Axe & Sledge Manpower Test Booster Product Features:

  • Supports natural testosterone production.
  • Enhances body composition.
  • Improves recovery time.
  • Increases energy and libido.


Suggested use:

Take 3 capsules with 8-10 oz. Of water before your first meal of the day. Take an additional capsule 6-8 hours later as needed.

Technical Details

Axe & Sledge Manpower Test Booster Technical Details:

  • Brand: Axe & Sledge.
  • Item Form: Capsules.
  • Primary Ingredients: 350mg Tribulus Terrestris, 300mg Fenugreek, 250mg Primavie®, 150mg Maca, 100mg DIM.