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Chaos & Pain Cannibal Ferox Amped Extreme Pre-Workout

Chaos & Pain Cannibal Ferox Amped Extreme Pre-Workout


The monarch of pre-workouts makes its triumphant comeback. Welcome Cannibal Ferox AMPed, a title inseparable from strength and fervor, poised to revolutionize your workout experience. Infused with a potent fusion of patented components, this pre-workout is tailored for victors, the unyielding, those in pursuit of the exceptional.

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Ascend To The Throne With Chaos & Pain Cannibal Ferox Amped Extreme Pre-workout

The king of pre-workouts has returned. Cannibal Ferox AMPed, a name synonymous with power and intensity, is here to redefine your workout. With a potent blend of trademarked ingredients, this pre-workout is for the champions, the relentless, the ones who seek the extraordinary.


Experience The Legendary Ride of Cannibal Ferox Amped

Once tasted, never forgotten. Cannibal Ferox AMPed is more than a pre-workout; it's an unforgettable ride. Enhanced with Creatine Monohydrate, this matrix has evolved into a force that breaks the mold. The king is back, and the legacy continues.


Unlock Greater Value with The Power Matrix

Cannibal Ferox AMPed is a treasure in itself. It eliminates the need for additional supplements like Creatine or Epicatechin, providing everything you need in one power-packed matrix. Expensive, yes, but its value is unrivaled. Embrace the legend, and let the results speak for themselves.


Wreck Havoc With The Monster of High-stim Pre-workouts

Brace yourself, for Cannibal Ferox AMPed is not for the faint of heart. Packed with Caffeine, NEUROPEA, and English Walnut Extract, this beast of a pre-workout is designed to wreck havoc. Beginners, beware; this is an experience only the fearless should embark upon.


Chaos & Pain Cannibal Ferox AMPed Extreme Pre-Workout Product Features:

  • Packed with Caffeine, NEUROPEA, English Walnut Extract.
  • Revamped formula with Creatine Monohydrate.
  • Everything you need in one matrix.
  • Not for beginners; an intense, unforgettable ride.

Technical Details

Chaos & Pain Cannibal Ferox AMPed Extreme Pre-Workout Technical Details:

  • 20 servings per container