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Nutrabio CarboMax

Nutrabio CarboMax


CarboMax stands as an exceptional blend that not only enhances energy levels but also contributes to recuperation after workouts. Its calorie-dense nature encourages muscle growth and assists in weight gain when consumed alongside substantial protein intake. Furthermore, CarboMax boasts solubility in cold water, facilitating effortless digestion, and its ease of spoon mixing makes it a convenient choice for beverages.


Maximize Your Performance With Carbomax

CarboMax is a unique formulation that not only improves energy levels but also aids in post-workout recovery. It's calorie-rich, promoting size and aiding in weight gain when used in significant amounts alongside protein. CarboMax is also soluble in cold water, easily digestible, and convenient to spoon mix for drinks.


Smart Energy For Smart Athletes

CarboMax is more than just a carb drink. It contains the highest percentage of long and branched-chain carbohydrates for consistent energy without unnecessary fats, proteins, or fiber. Whether you need to replenish fluids and energy during workouts or require a pre-workout energy boost, CarboMax delivers without leaving you feeling sluggish or full.


A Superior Formula For Superior Energy

Unlike standard maltodextrins, CarboMax utilizes a high-polymerization maltodextrin derived from corn starch. This offers glucose polymers, linked sugar compounds that are easier for the body to assimilate and use, providing a controlled, time-released, and continuous energy source.


NutraBio CarboMax Product Features:

  • High Polymerization Maltodextrin: CarboMax uses a specialized high-polymerization maltodextrin, providing complex carbohydrates that are easier for the body to use.
  • Energy and Recovery: Ideal for those looking to improve energy levels and aid in post-workout recovery.
  • Easy Mixing: CarboMax is soluble in cold water and mixes easily, ensuring a smooth, digestible energy source.
  • Calorie-rich: A beneficial choice for those seeking to pack on mass and strength.

Technical Details

NutraBio CarboMax Technical Details:

  • Form: Powder
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Weight: 5 Lbs per container
  • Serving: 75 per container
  • Special Ingredient: LCPF-50 Maltodextrin
  • Glucose Polymerization: High degree of polymerization, with 88% pentasaccharides or higher and 65% decasaccharides or higher.