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Nutrakey L-Citrulline Powder

Nutrakey L-Citrulline Powder


The effectiveness of your workout hinges on the nourishment you supply your body. Crafted for the purpose, NutraKey L-Citrulline Powder is primed to elevate your energy levels, endurance, and overall stamina, affording you the advantage required for superior performance. Packing 106 unflavored servings, this supplement stands as your concealed asset for achieving peak workout performance and swift recuperation.

Amplify Your Workout with Nutrakey L-citrulline Powder

The power of your workout is determined by the fuel you provide your body. NutraKey L-Citrulline Powder is designed to skyrocket your energy, endurance, and stamina, offering you the edge you need to outperform. With 106 unflavored servings, this supplement is your secret weapon to optimal workout performance and rapid recovery.


Enhance Blood Flow for Better Results

L-citrulline malate isn't just beneficial for your workout - it also enhances your overall health and wellness. Linked to increased blood flow, improved oxygen utilization, and a boost in nitric oxide levels, many men also find that regular supplementation leads to increased sexual stamina.


Ultra Micronized for Superior Absorption

The quality of your supplements is just as important as the ingredients themselves. NutraKey's ultra-micronized formula breaks down L-Citrulline Malate particles for easy absorption, allowing you to reap the maximum benefits. Experience the NutraKey difference, and see why we're a trusted name in men's and women's performance supplements.


NutraKey L-Citrulline Powder Product Benefits:

  • Increases workout performance
  • Supports fast recovery
  • Enhances blood flow
  • Boosts energy, endurance, and stamina
  • Aids in muscular detoxification

Technical Features

NutraKey L-Citrulline Powder Technical Features:

  • Brand: NutraKey
  • Unit Count: 7.1 Ounce
  • Item Form: Powder
  • Item Weight: 0.5 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 5 inches
  • Dosage Form: Capsule
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Color: 7.1 Oz
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Recommended Use: Take 2-3 capsules before your workout and 3-4 post-workout.