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Axe & Sledge Omega-3

Axe & Sledge Omega-3


With a composition of 1,400 milligrams of Omega-3 fatty acids, encompassing 800 milligrams of EPA and 600 milligrams of DHA, Axe & Sledge Omega-3 actively contributes to the control of vital physiological functions such as brain activity, metabolic signaling, and inflammation. This meticulous fusion of Omega-3s is artfully structured to offer a comprehensive approach to your complete health and well-being, providing your body with the fundamental nutrients it necessitates.


1,400 Milligrams of Omega-3s For Overall Health

Containing 1,400 milligrams of Omega-3 fatty acids, including 800 milligrams of EPA and 600 milligrams of DHA, Axe & Sledge Omega-3 assists in the regulation of essential physiological processes like brain function, metabolic signaling, and inflammation. This precise blend of Omega-3s is designed to provide a well-rounded approach to your overall health and wellness, giving your body the essential nutrients it needs.


Promote Brain Function & Development

Support your cognitive health and mental clarity with EPA and DHA, two crucial Omega-3s that play a vital role in brain function and development. These key fatty acids not only help in enhancing memory and focus but also contribute to the overall structure and function of brain cells. Axe & Sledge Omega-3, with its high-quality blend, is crafted to ensure that your mind remains sharp and active, giving you the mental edge you need to thrive.


Support Heart Health

Axe & Sledge Omega-3 aids in maintaining cardiovascular wellness by supporting heart health, an essential aspect for long-term well-being and peak physical performance. By incorporating Omega-3s into your diet, you can help reduce harmful LDL cholesterol levels and increase beneficial HDL cholesterol, promoting a balanced cardiovascular system. The consistent use of Axe & Sledge Omega-3 offers a natural, effective way to foster a healthy heart, making it an indispensable part of your proactive health.


Axe & Sledge Omega-3 Product Features:

  • High-Quality Omega-3s: Contains a blend of EPA and DHA to support overall health and wellness.
  • Supports Brain Function: Enhances cognitive function, mental clarity, and brain development.
  • Promotes Heart Health: Contributes to cardiovascular well-being for long-term heart health.
  • Lowers Inflammation: Aids in reducing inflammation, enhancing recovery, and improving overall quality of life.

Technical Details

Axe & Sledge Omega-3 Technical Details:

  • Omega-3s: 1,400 milligrams (800 milligrams of EPA, 600 milligrams of DHA)
  • Softgels: 90 soft gels per bottle, providing approximately a 45-day supply
  • Dietary Preferences: Gluten-free, keto-friendly