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Super Human Burn Fat Burning Pre-Workout

Super Human Burn Fat Burning Pre-Workout


Unveiling Super Human Burn by Alpha Lion, an innovative 2-in-1 fat-burning pre-workout meticulously designed for adults striving for improved performance and weight management. Enriched with 7 patented components and energized by the revolutionary SXT™ Energy System, Super Human Burn aims to intensify calorie burning while elevating workout vigor. Through its delightful caffeine matrix, this pre-workout delivers sustained energy and heightened focus.

Unleash Your Potential with Alpha Lion Super Human Burn Fat Burning Pre-workout

Alpha Lion presents Super Human Burn, a game-changing 2-in-1 fat-burning pre-workout tailored for adults seeking enhanced performance and weight loss. Crafted with 7 trademarked ingredients and powered by the novel SXT™ Energy System, Super Human Burn is designed to amplify caloric expenditure while increasing training intensity. With its great-tasting caffeine matrix, this pre-workout offers sustained energy and focus.


Metabolism Booster, Increased Calorie Burning, And All-day Energy and Focus

Super Human Burn is more than just a pre-workout; it's your ally in the gym. Acting as a metabolism booster, it elevates your calorie-burning potential while enhancing strength and focus. This product's unique formulation supports endurance and provides a significant pump, making your workouts more effective and enjoyable.


A Delicious and Efficient 2-in-1 Supplement

Why buy a separate weight loss supplement when Super Human Burn offers both? This comprehensive pre-workout includes research-backed ingredients to elevate your fat loss and body recomposition results. Enjoy the delightful Blue Gummy Bear flavor, created by the equivalent of a professional mixologist in the supplement world.


Alpha Lion Super Human Burn Fat Burning Pre-Workout Product Features:

  • 2-in-1 Fat Burning and Performance Enhancement
  • 7 Trademarked Ingredients with a 100% Transparent Label
  • Banned Substance Free
  • Great Tasting Caffeine Matrix with SXT Sustained Energy and Focus System
  • Increases Endurance and Enhances Nitric Oxide Generation
  • 21 Servings per Bottle

Technical Details

Alpha Lion Super Human Burn Fat Burning Pre-Workout Technical Details:

  • Brand: ALPHA LION
  • Unit Count: 15.0 Ounce
  • Item Form: Powder
  • Item Weight: 0.69 Pounds